A completely new collection of personal care hotel amenities created especially for the guest room. The new products help to support the Joseph Abboud brand that represents a modern American lifestyle with a sophisticated sense of color and texture. Updated yet classic, bringing new definition to things familiar.

The hotel guest amenities include facial and exfoliating bath soaps as well as enriched shampoo, fortifying conditioner, moisturizing body lotion, and silky bath gel. The fragrance, which combines an invigorating blend of black pepper and amber is infused in the soaps and liquids, embodying a rich, warm blend. A combination of coriander, cinnamon, bergamot, ginger, oakmoss, and patchouli makes up the scent.


Full Collection

The soaps are made with natural vegetable oil and certified exfoliant. The liquids are paraben free and contain no sulfates or phthalates. All of the items are cruelty free, not tested on animals, and are produced and packaged with the environment in mind. Contains Organic Materials and Packaging.

Made In the USA


Bar Soap
1.0 oz Vegetable Facial Soap
2.0 oz Exfoliating Bath Soap

Body Lotion
Bath Gel
*in 1.1 oz sizes and gallons

Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit in Plastic Case
Loofah Mitt
Razor Kit
Shower Cap
Shoe Mitt
Vanity Kit

Individual Products

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