Essential Amenities Inc, Since 1985


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    Essential Amenities was founded in 1985 by Michael Ware, who is still actively involved in the business today.

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    From the beginning we have focused solely on the hospitality industry, designing, producing, and marketing a broad range of personal care products, and guest room amenities – concentrating on licensed branded collections.


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    We distribute these “amenities” directly to quality resorts, hotels and lodging establishments for the comfort and convenience of their guests. We also serve the distributor market through established and carefully managed associations with co-packers and recognized supply-chain entities.

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    Essential Amenities represents powerful, well-known global brands that include Hermes, ECRU New York, Lanvin Orange Ambre, LAFCO, Geneva Green, Poggesi, Dickens & Hawthorne, Whytemor and Keach, Exotic Coral, and Eartholoy.


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    Continuous learning, hard-earned experience, and advances in technology – have enhanced our ability to provide sophisticated design assistance in formulating licensed amenity programs and products.

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    In addition, our established, long-term relationships with critical suppliers continue to differentiate Essential Amenities within the industry and sharpens our competitive edge on behalf of our clients and their brands.

Our Products

Brand Loyality

Because of our commitment to building brand loyalty for our clients and ourselves, fulfillment practices and processes at Essential Amenities are tailored to the unique requirements of each client/brand. Only a reliable, trusted fulfillment partner like Essential Amenities could offer and deliver on that total commitment to customized hospitality brand support.

Made In The USA

All the products have been produced with the environment in mind, are cruelty free, and are recyclable. The personal care items, in all the collections except Hermes, are made in the USA and Essential Amenities has all of the products in stock at all times with shipment available within twenty-four hours of receipt of your order.