No more plastic entering the ocean. In addition to giving plastic a second use, this plastic is collected by low-income communities, which results in cleaner work, air, and oceans to our planet and future generations.

All products in the Cava collection are cruelty-free and biodegradable with a recyclable bottle. Cava offsets by 115% its carbon emissions and contributes to environmental programs for the improvement of air quality.

Thanks to its ingredients, Cava products are light, quickly absorbed, and leave skin with a soft sensation and a sense-enchanting fragrance. It is perfect for a moment of pampering and affection.


Full Collection

Contains Organic Materials and Packaging


Bar Soaps
.88oz/25gr, 1.48oz/42gr Packaged Soap

Liquids – In Recycled PET Bottles
Body Lotion
Shower Gel
Liquid Soap
Available in 1.35oz/40ml, and 8.45oz/250ml

Individual Products

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