Dickens & Hawthorne, a long established boutique brand from Australia now has the Cucumber & Acai Collection developed and formulated for the hospitality industry by Essential Amenities, Inc. All of the personal care items in the collection are enriched with soothing cucumber and natural acai berry antioxidants to provide a pleasurable and healthy experience for the guests. All items are formulated and packaged with the environment in mind.

Full Collection

Contains Organic Materials and Packaging
Made In the USA


Bar Soaps
1.0 oz Clear Wrap Soap
1.5 oz Cleat Wrap Exfoliating Soap
1.25 oz Paperwrap Exfoliating Soap

Revitalizing Shampoo
Fortifying Conditioner
Moisturizing Lotion
Bath and Shower Gel
VIP Gift Set
*all in 1.1 oz and gallon sizes

Boxed Vanity Kit
Boxed Shower Cap
Shoe Mitt
Loofah Mitt
Pre Threaded Sewing Kit in Plastic Case

Individual Products

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