What goes in the bottle goes on you. Period. ECRU New York is aware of this delicate responsibility. We use ingredients that are so gentle and nourishing, they can often be found in the finest skin care lines. Each of our formulations feature a unique blend of hair and skin friendly ingredients for healthy, rich and completely unique results. Extraordinary ingredients enrich every step of cleansing, conditioning and styling. Only the very best. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Full Collection

Contains Organic Materials and Packaging
Made In the USA


Bar Soap
1.5 oz Glycerin Soap
1.0 oz Clear Wrap Soap
2.0 oz Clear Wrap Soap

Sea Clean Shampoo
Protective Silk Conditioner
Moisture Rich H & B Lotion
Sea Clean Shower Gel
*all in 1.1 oz, 2.0 oz and gallon sizes

Mouthwash in 2.0 oz size

Shoe Mitt
Boxed Shoe Sponge
Shower Cap in Pillow Pack
Vanity Kit in Pillow Pack
.75 oz Bath Salts
Loofah Mitt
Pre Threaded Sewing Kit in Plastic Case
VIP Cosmetic Bag

Individual Products

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