Mounia was created by two brothers with a shared hobby: haircare science. It was an unlikely obsession—one worked in bio-tech and the other in fintech. But, over time, they used their individual skills & expertise to scientifically explore the best natural ingredients for hair and develop a proprietary ingredient database inspired by ancient recipes and modern cosmetic innovations. The brothers partnered with scientists from Harvard and MIT to streamline their development. The result: Mounia Haircare.

Mounia’s specialty products target the most common concerns in haircare: greater volume; more shine; decreased breakage; improved hydration; increased moisture, and better scalp health. Mounia’s first product, the Two-Drop Serum™, is a hair oil made with the finest Argan Oil, Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil, and Mounia’s patented technology that will strengthen your ends, prevent breakage, and make your hair softer, thicker, & clinically more healthy. To complete the Mounia System™, Mounia developed the signature Mounia Rinse™ and Mounia Condition™ , which gently cleanse and nourish hair with the same Berber beauty secrets & patented scientific enhancements.


These high-quality, science-backed products will soon be available to the Luxury Hospitality Market, exclusively from Essential Amenities, Inc. in sample sizes.  Mounia Hair Care, as seen in Allure Editor’s Favorite New Beauty Products of July, are cruelty-free, color-safe, and made from organic ingredients.




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