Persea designs its formulas based on the Balance in Mind concept, which seeks to elevate human beings through love and respect for the virtues and bounties that the earth offers us for our personal use, always consciously and always responsibly.

Persea collaborates with strategic allies that are aligned with their vision and, above all else, share their values. Our formula does not irritate because it is salt and parabens free, which are harmful to skin and hair. Rosemary fragrance based that makes a unique bath & shower experience.

Its ingredients ensure that skin and hair are properly cared for and that guests have the best possible experience.


Full Collection

Contains Organic Materials and Packaging


Bar Soaps
.98 oz/28 gr and 1.48 oz/42 gr Packaged Soaps

Liquids – In Recycled PET Bottles
Body Lotion
Shower Gel
Liquid Soap
Available in 2 fl oz/60 ml, 8.45 fl oz/250 ml size

Individual Products

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